Apr. 16
May. 02


April 16, 2022 – May 2, 2022
Fred Lazarus IV Center
131 W North Ave
Designed by Marty Koelsch

Exhibition & Open Studios: In an arts academic setting, there has traditionally been a separation of sorts between the studio and the gallery, the creation and the exhibition. MICA is no different. As the things we make move from space to space, they change—visually, aurally, and physically. In some ways this transformation is obvious. The lighting is different, or the architecture shifts our perspectives. In other ways, the impact on our art is more subtle. New spaces cater to different audiences. These interactions change both the art and the people experiencing it at a rate as quickly as the speed of the light, and as slowly as a lifetime. Memories inherent to the art expand into new realms, initiating new connections, simultaneously accepting and rejecting various possibilities. Sometimes we are aware of this transition. Sometimes we are not. With this in mind, we invite you to our studios. We are curious as to how you will experience our work in the Rinehart School of Sculpture’s collective workspace, and how our work will experience you.