Feb. 21
Mar. 19

Student Space Gallery Exhibition: In Between Dances by Yuchae Lee

February 21, 2022 – March 19, 2022
Pinkard Gallery
1401 W Mount Royal Ave
Vicissitudes: the ground,HD,2020,Yuchae Lee, 2022 Spring, Film and Video

The exhibition by Yuchae Lee will be on view from February 21 - March 19 in the Pinkard Gallery.  Join us for the opening reception February 25, 2022 from 5–7:00PM. We easily experience the magic of being captivated by a particular moment. At the silence just before one song ends and moves on to the next song, there are moments when tears burst. Some moments knock and break the shell of our emotions. As a way to ponder this knocking, Yuchae Lee has been experimenting with a technique called “Photo Motion.” This exhibition was designed to explore the intersection of photography and video and the expandability of the notion of “in-betweenness”. Moments are born out of gaps. Blink your eyes. Quickly. Now, very slowly this time. Did you see the gap? The one that is also called as inner world or infinity. ‘In-betweenness’ is the link between the beginning and the end. In other words, it is the beginning and the end, and at the same time, in denial of both. The cycle of life and death is born and expanded from between these small moments of gaps. In the meantime, time goes by without hesitation and space inevitably change accordingly. This is an attempt to study the change; From a still of flux (a photographed image) to a repetition of pieces of memory (a loop video made of a group of photographs), and to a spatiotemporal loop newly created by the “act of viewing” of the repetition (a function of the exhibition as a medium). While a looping video of photographs is played, the audience is actually fossilized into that time for the duration of the video. As soon as you started reading this text, you became part of the collective experience. By watching the repeated scenes from the past, in the present time which constantly varies, the friction between these two space-times creates a unique dimension of its own. Ultimately, the whole exhibition is doomed to become a loop called the "exhibition period." So, I stand right here somewhere in the past, to throw this little pebble into your gap. This is a Student Space Gallery exhibition. For more information about the SSG program and how to apply for a solo-exhibition, please visit mica.edu/ssg.