Feb. 21
Mar. 18

when i first saw you i remembered things i've never seen by Gabriel Mercio

February 21, 2022 – March 18, 2022
Gateway Galleries
1601 W Mount Royal Ave
 Gabriel Bezerra Mercio, Undergrad Painting Major, Class of 2024

This is a collection of paintings from my first 8 months in Baltimore. In this period, I experimented a lot with color and mark making, especially in manipulating transparency and acrylic colors. Also, where my past work had uncompromisingly been done from life, this marked a shift towards different sources: fading memories, dreams, and fantasies are all weaved in. The work here played a large part in my coping process of being far away from my Brazilian place of origin. The collection also shows a shift in my priorities as an artist, as the focus turns from scene-capturing to imagery-making.