Filmmaking (MFA)

Solly, an introverted man, makes up his mind to confess a secret crush to his friends Zack and Bess at a dinner party, only to discover that the two of them are already together.
Who Knows (animated poster) 2020 animated GIF poster
Droma, thirteen, strives to improve her studies in a remote Chinese village, knowing that if she doesn’t she’ll be forced into a traditional role as housewife and mother.
Her Summer (poster) 2019 digital
This personal documentary centers on the filmmaker’s father who hasn’t painted in ten years after suffering a stroke. Disconnected from family, with his life and career having plateaued, Fengyun spends his days watching television and doing not much of an
Blank Canvas (poster) 2020 digital
A motel owner who pretends to be deaf secretly sells private videos of his guests, until one day a killer discovers one of the cameras, revealing that the owner has recorded his crime. The killer sneaks into the owner's room to delete the video, only to f
HEAR NO EVIL (poster) 2020 digital
For nineteen-year-old Rachel, relationships should be about kissing, dates, and falling in love. But after accepting an invitation to meet her boyfriend’s family, Rachel is filled with anxiety. Once they arrive at the house, the party quickly reveals itse
Welcome to the Party (poster) digital
Muse In Life (poster)
Muse In Life (poster) 2020 digital
Under police suspicion, a locksmith is forced to break into his closet, revealing inside not the stolen items the officials expect but an empty space recalling events from his childhood both beautiful and sad.
Rosen 2020 digital
RETROGRADE Poster. Illustration by Dani Go.
RETROGRADE Poster 2020 digital 27x41
A Nigerian filmmaker living in America for the past ten years searches out spaces that connect him to his African roots. He finds Aunty Kiki, a business-minded Ghanaian woman, and Uncle Jim, an American man who is passionate about African tribal art, who
Sankofa Poster 2020 Film
animated GIF poster for documentary. Two early-career workers in Shundu, China, long to break free from their dead-end jobs while the filmmaker reflects on the privilege of having gotten out.
WORK. WORK! WORK? (poster) 2020 animated poster for documentary