The Last Trees 2020 Video

I am fascinated by animation, specifically 2d digital animation, and rigging. For this upcoming project, I have been teaching myself Toon Boom Harmony to bring the flooded lands of the film to life along with a desaturated color palette to highlight the interpretation of a dismal future. The idea for Trees was conceived by the news of the Amazon Fires and the persistent warnings from scientists on how we are nearing closer to an irreversible tipping point.

The story revolves around a child who travels through their town in post-apocalyptic earth to see the last trees in their area, which is now a luxury that is only accessible through a keyhole. Although the hole is small, the child sees the immense beauty of a world that once was and cannot see their current world in the same way again afterward.

I hope that with this film, viewers leave with a thought about climate change. Sometimes, humanity as a whole needs a reminder.