Illustration of a demon woman and two human women smoking some weed after intercourse, vibin' in a room lit by a purple neon sign reading "Chill." + Enlarge
Chillin' with Angel 2020 Digital
An illustration of a witchy woman curled back in the arms of Satan, multiple versions of her hands caress her body with one placed upon her throat as the crystals that surround them glow a vibrant blue. + Enlarge
Crystal's Love 2020 Digital
Illustration of a vampire girl who is hanging upside down, tied up in bondage rope with stage like lighting and curtains around her, a smirk spread across her lips. + Enlarge
Hangin' with Scarlett 2020 Digital
Illustration of a dominatrix werewolf woman standing proudly over her three "dogs" (men), who are all leashed, blindfolded and gagged. + Enlarge
Walkin' the Dogs 2020 Digital
Pictured here is Ellie roasting a marshmallow, unaware of the clowns, Bobbi and Moe lurking within in trees. + Enlarge
Ellie Camping 2020 Acrylic Paint on Wood
A gif of a seemingly normal family, that morphs into an unsettling photo. + Enlarge
Family Portrait 2020 Digital
Illustration of three monster friends taking a selfie in a pink graffiti filled bathroom. + Enlarge
Bathroom Club 2020 Digital
A painting in black and white of two creepy clowns that are distorted. + Enlarge
Bobbi and Moe. 2020 Acrylic paint on found wood.
Pictured here is a spread sheet of various illustrations and mixed media projects mixing illustration with photography of two clown sisters for a concept for a horror game. + Enlarge
Beware of Bobbi Moes 2020 Mixed media
Pictures of resin coated hearts with different variants of monster girl's lips with ball gags strapped to their face + Enlarge
Heart-shaped Ball Gags <3 2020 Acrylic Paint on Wooden Hearts

Aly Billelo is a visual artist currently based in New York. She studied illustration at Maryland Institute College of Art. She excels at creating and executing concepts and characters. Her  work revolves around character-based work, but she also has extensive experience in graphic design. 

Aly’s love of horror movies and pin-ups have shaped her art. Her work often reflects a retro feel that calls back to classic horror comics. She often experiments with different and new mediums, one of her favorites being combining acrylic paint with glitter resin to create a sleek glossy finis