Side Characters, digital art, 2018 + Enlarge
Side Characters 2018 Digital 2018
Landon 2018 Digital
Oliver 2018 Digital
Do You Wonder? Digital Art. 2019 + Enlarge
Do You Wonder? 2019 Digital
City Run 2018 Digital
Night Talks 2018 Digital
Dinner Together. Digital Art. 2019 + Enlarge
Dinner Together 2019 Digital

Shadows in the City is a story about Landon, a youth who is hiding a highly desirable secret from the rest of the city he lives in: the power to morph into and move through shadows. One day, Landon meets someone named Oliver, who offers answers to where Landon's mother disappeared to years ago in exchange for his power to help combat the corruption in their city. Now, Landon must fight the darkness that lurks in the place he calls home, as well as the darkness found deep within his emotions, all while trying to live life as normal as possible. 

Amanda Castillo is an illustrator, cartoonist, and storyteller from the Bay Area in California. Heavily inspired by a family-oriented multicultural childhood, Amanda's stories often touch upon identity, coming of age, nostalgia, and interpersonal relationships. Through a soft palette reflective of west coast warmth and characters crafted with a sensitive heart, Amanda strives to create memorable tales that reach out and touch the lives of as many people as possible.