A dark skinned black woman stands with her arms crossed as white hands reach out to grab her afro which reads “Hands Off” in hand-lettered script. + Enlarge
Hands Off 2019 Digital
A close-up of a woman with a cherry held between her lips. + Enlarge
Cherry 2019 Digital
A close-up of a woman holding a melting ice cream cone up to her mouth. + Enlarge
Cream 2019 Digital
A close-up of a woman’s mouth as she prepares to lick a lollipop. + Enlarge
Lolli 2019 Digital
A profile view of a woman wearing a gold bamboo earring that reads “Anie Duke” in script. + Enlarge
Bamboo Earring 2020 Digital
A close-up of a dark skinned black woman’s smile surrounded by big speech bubbles that read “Loud & Proud” in bold bubble letters. + Enlarge
Loud & Proud 2019 Digital
A close-up of a dark skinned black woman crying multiple streams of tears. The word “softness” is hand-lettered and vertically frames the left side of the woman’s face. + Enlarge
Softness 2019 Digital

Anie Duke is an illustrator with an eye for color, form, and composition. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Duke has spent years setting the foundation for her artistic endeavors. An alumna of Carver Center for Arts and Technology, Community College of Baltimore County, and Maryland Institute College of Art, her technical skill and colorful character merge to bring her pieces to life. She draws inspiration from many subjects, ranging from pop culture to her life as a black femme in America. She is determined to network with her fellow artists and become a household name in the illustration field.