Animation Dept. Trailer

Animation BFA_2020_Thesis Trailer 2020

For students in the MICA Animation program, thesis is the culmination of their four years of study, an opportunity to demonstrate their talent and hard work while bringing together all they have learned across the curriculum. MICA Animation thesis students spend the year creating an independent animated project that can take the form of an animated short film, a game, an interactive experience, an installation and more. 

Our thesis students are responsible for the entire process from preproduction work, like character design and storyboarding, through delivering the final project. MICA animation thesis students animate in an array of media, including stop motion, 2D hand drawn, 3D and beyond.

The 2019-2020 class produced a breadth of work, covering terrain as wide as the experience of racism, survival in a world of ghosts, environmental change and catastrophe, stubborn pride and the perils of online gaming.