These Sound Woods 2020 Scratchboard animation

These Sound Woods is designed to take you away to a odd, but calming, environment. As an installation, the piece immerses the viewer in the woods during a moment in which the environment shifts. Nature is constantly changing and adapting, and most people never get the chance to witness it. There’s value in calm and patience; taking the time to observe your environment without having to involve yourself in the action. Being able to slow down and adapt to your surroundings can lead to discovering something new that you never would have been able to experience otherwise. When creating this film, I focused primarily on letting go of perfectionism and structure, and instead creating a specific tone and atmosphere. Rough lines and little mistakes help create texture and a more organic quality. Working physically and straight ahead forces me to live with my mistakes, since I am unable to fix them. The result is a film which focuses both on the experience of watching it and the process of making it. Any specific ideas or messages are secondary to the feeling it conveys.