Hand lettering of the word 'fruit' in the form of teardrops. The letters are surrounded by the same teardrop pattern referencing the inside of a orange. The colors are derived from common colors of fruits: red, pink, orange and yellow.
Experiential Design (Fruit) 2020 Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography
The phrase, "burning the candle at both ends," that spans the piece captures the dedication to design and connects the 2 sides. Working throughout the day to earn an income and continuing to work into the night to progress and apply the skills t
Duration 2020 Oil paint 96 in x 36 in
This site was designed to help give people the basic information on why and how to grow common herbs. The palette and spacing gives the site the relaxing feeling of nature. Details helps to add depth to the site from animation timing to the small, managea
Growing Herbs 2019 Website
Taking inspiration from hand lettering, the grid gives a base to create letters using modular components. Making the paint translucent, to create interesting shapes in the overlaps as well as the negative space, shows how everything is connected and the i
Letter Grid 2019 Oil paint 24 x 24 in
A poster showing the story of my brain injury from accident to recovery. The layout took inspiration from comics.
Journalism 2018 Poster, illustration, Adobe Illustrator 23 in x 31 in
he idiom, “Burning the midnight oil,” captures the feeling of the overwhelming stress and anxiety in the final push, at the end of a semester. The muted palette creates the feeling of emptiness from the drain of constant work on the huge projects that sur
Midnight Oil 2018 Oil paint 3 (48 in x 36 in)