This painting is of a young man, my brother, who perches on the side of a roof. He is thinking about his future as the sun rises behind him. He faces dark clouds in front of him and that is all that he sees. He has an inner glow about his chest and throat
Anticipating 2020 Oil on canvas 3 x 5 ft
This painting is of a 23 year old Korean-American man. He holds a burning joint in his hand at around midnight. He has had a long day and is lost in thought, wondering, "Why doesn't he text me back?" A green light glows through the folds of his
Decompressing 2020 Oil on canvas 2 x 4 ft
A 25 year old man relaxes, facing the viewer, in a submissive position. He is nude with the turn of his body and leg providing tasteful censorship. His eyes are glowing, inviting, looking directly at the viewer as his chest emits a green and orange glow.
His Glow 2020 Oil on canvas 3 x 3 ft
The painting is of a group of trees near my house. These trees can live up to 150 years under the right conditions. I wonder what these trees have seen and what secrets they keep. The trees emit a bright orange glow as twilight sets in. Who all have passe
The Glow in the Trees 2020 Oil on canvas 20 x 16 in
This small pink painting stems from observing human shadows. Our shadows are the dark area where our bodies block the light. The shadow occupies all of the three-dimensional volume behind an object with light in front of it. We project a two-dimensional s
Our Shadows II 2019 Oil on canvas 8 x 10 in
This painting is of my shadow overlapping with many other people in line to see an archaeological tourist attraction. I had been thinking about how many people were all around me, in this line, in this city, in this world. Through history, how many people
Our Shadows 2019 Oil on canvas 3 x 4 ft

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