Hack Attack 2020 Video
Character turnarounds of the side character, Kappa, who is Trouble's online avatar. + Enlarge
Character Turnaround: Kappa 2019 Digital art
Character turnaround of a side character, Mom. + Enlarge
Character Turnaround: Mom 2019 Digital art
Character turnarounds of the main character, Trouble. + Enlarge
Character Turnaround: Trouble 2019 Digital art
A closeup of a computer keyboard with stickers on it. + Enlarge
Computer Keyboard 2020 Digital art
Free Cucumber Coins + Enlarge
Free Cucumber Coins 2020 Digital art
Trouble stands in front of a casino machine with the words "Goobple" on it. + Enlarge
Goobple Casino 2020 Digital art
The desk of the hacker, with cans of empty soda and a open bag of chips on it. The walls have posters and a calendar on it. + Enlarge
Hacker's Desk 2020 Digital art
A scene of a couch in front of a half-wall, in front of a computer desk with an old computer on top of it. + Enlarge
My Account Got Hacked 2020
A sideview of the computer desk. + Enlarge
The Computer Desk 2019 Digital art

The internet is a “no man’s land” of endless content to consume. There is something for everyone, even kids. Jasmine herself was one of these children, raised on the internet in the early 2000s, and has seen many different kinds of content… especially SCAMS. Children are smart these days, but that doesn’t mean they have the common sense to not fall for scams. With the power of early 2000’s internet and the exploration of children and cyber security, independent animator and filmmaker Jasmine Soompholphakdy helps you experience what it’s like to be a kid exploring cyberspace and encountering one of its many villains: HACKERS, using 2D and 3D animation. Inspired by her time on ROBLOX and being a fan of comedic cartoon television shows like Adventure Time and Apple and Onion, this cartoon film will take you on a trip through the soft pinks of reality, the neon lights of the cybernet, and even the 3D polygons of online 3D video games with a comedic tale of a child getting her account hacked on the internet, and how she plans on getting it back.