This story takes place in a virtual surreal parallel world, using emoticons as a protagonist, telling a story about the origin and the future. The beginning of emoticon goes back to the period before human history. All tellurians transmit signals to each
The Story of the Emoticons 2020 Video
The Story of the Emoticons (video) 2020

The Story of Emoticon is a short 3D animation made by Jiayang most recently. For my entire life, I was companied by internet and communication technology. I grew up and was inspired in such an interconnected era. Therefore, I used the emoticons as the protagonist. The entire human civilization is progressing with the change of communication history, which is mapped by anthropomorphized symbolic expressions. In this long human era, everything around us is changing, but human desire for communication is eternal. This film brings viewers a fantasy of the inner world, and to reflect the fate of humanity in the real world by experiencing the surreal of the emoticon in the virtual world.