Xi'an Travel Postcards: Title Page 2020 Digital
Xi'an Travel Postcards: Product Mock Up 2020 Digital
people in masks looking for something or someone
Xi'an Travel Postcards: Bell Tower 2020 Digital
person with mask sitting on the roof of a house looking at yellow leaves on a tree
Xi'an Travel Postcards: Guanyin Temple and the Gingko Tree 2020 Digital
person eating noodles and they are on the cover of a restaurant menu
Xi'an Travel Postcards: Local Food Street 2020 Digital
two people in masks standing amongst terracotta warriors
Xi'an Travel Postcards: Terra-Cotta Warriors 2020 Digital
Xi'an Travel Postcards: Product Mock Up 2020 Digital

I was born and raised in Xi’an, China. I came to America when I was 15 and completed my high school and BFA degree here. During my junior year, I also participated in an exchange program in Japan and lived there for half a year. As an illustrator from Asia, I hope my art could convey these beautiful cultures to the world.

For my thesis project, I created a set of postcards about my hometown. The scene depicts the two characters traveling and exploring in my hometown, so the audience can also get to see these famous spots with them. My character design is inspired by traditional Chinese dragon and lion dance elements, I always like the concept of combining traditional and modern elements. This set of illustrations depicts the iconic building in my hometown, delicious local snacks, relaxing temple courtyards, and the most spectacular world heritage sites. I hope you enjoy my art and maybe come to visit my city someday.