Demon girl pinning elf boy to the ground in a sparring match within ancient forest ruins. They are wearing flirty expressions. Illustration.
Sparring & Flirting 2019 Digital
Character design sheet of demon girl named Faeron. Illustration.
Faeron Design Sheet 2019 Digital
Silhouettes, sketch, and final rendering of full demon formed girl Faeron with wings extended. Illustration.
Faeron Redesign 2019 Digital
Silhouettes, sketch, and final rendering of a female centaur side character. Illustration.
Side Character 2019 Digital
Design sheet of fictional website and website user interface assets. Illustration.
Website UI Design 2019 Digital
Sheet of various decorations, buildings, and other 2D video game assets. Illustration.
Thesis Asset Samples 2020 Digital
Thesis Sprite Sample Sheet 2020 Digital
Elf boy gently caressing the face of a demon girl. They are surrounded by by plants. Illustration.
love, Blood, & Alchemy 2019 Digital

As an artist I work simply to bring myself joy in the visuals I create. As I go forward with my passion of creating any and all kinds of illustrative work, I hope others can find as much intrigue and joy in my art as I do.