animated GIF poster for documentary. Two early-career workers in Shundu, China, long to break free from their dead-end jobs while the filmmaker reflects on the privilege of having gotten out.
WORK. WORK! WORK? (poster) 2020 animated poster for documentary
Work. Work! Work? (trailer) 2020

Work. Work! Work? records the daily work and life of two of my close friends in Shunde, China. These two men in their mid twenties often compare their lives to mine, as I return from studying abroad in the United States and as they complain about their respective circumstances. Despite their different working conditions, they both firmly believe that I will have a better life than them. But for me, their expectations have become a source of stress. The film, by recording their work and being a document of my own, raises the question of what a good job actually is. Because, in the end, I too am looking for an answer.