Trailer for Akasha: A Bird's Calling 2020 Video
One of the cut scenes that comes up when the player talks to NPCs + Enlarge
Akasha Cutscene 2020 Digital
Necessary game assets such as pillars, sculptures, breaking objects. + Enlarge
Akasha Game Asset 2019 Digital
Exploration of main character, Akasha + Enlarge
Akasha Main Character Concept Art 2019 Digital and ink
Cover Art for Game concept art project "White Pepper Island" + Enlarge
White Pepper Island Key Image 2020 Digital
Character Design for Game project + Enlarge
White Pepper Island Character Design 2020 Digital
Equipment UI for a mobile game + Enlarge
White Pepper Island UI 2020 Digital
A small zine about watermelon tiger Lana and grapefruit jaguar Pom + Enlarge
Zine: Lana and Pom 2019 Digital

Min Young is a freelance Illustrator and concept artist. She graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with BFA Illustration with Sequential Art Concentration.

Her main interests are fantasy concept art, character and creature design, book illustration, or anything narrative.

She worked as sports editorial artist, freelance illustrator.