Morgan Suter

A portrait of a blue face with a bright orange nose.
Inflamed 1 2019 Acrylic on paper 12" x 9"
A half blue and half orange portrait.
Inflamed 2 2019 Oil paint on canvas 10" x 8"
Three figures stand together in water, a blue figure to the left has her arms extended, a yellow figure stands in the center, and a pink figure on the right. Each of the figures is looking directly at the viewer. The figures occupy the foreground and the
Fat Venus: Peak Majesty 2020 Oil paint on canvas 52" x 64"
A figure lies on the floor in the center of the composition, to the left is a lit lamp that fills the room with yellow light. There is an open window that reveals a night sky. In the bottom right corner there are two chickens.
Lemon Bitch 2020 Oil paint on canvas 9" x 12"
A portrait looking away from the viewer, the painting is entirely blue apart from the bright orange ear.
X 2020 Oil paint on canvas 9" x 12"
A figure with an abstracted face sits in front of a solid blue background and what appears to be a painting. The figure is mostly orange with the exception of some bright blue light coming in from the right side of the painting.
Orange Soda 2020 Oil paint on canvas 16" x 12"
A predominately purple portrait with a yellow background and some bright yellow light hitting the portrait.
Planet No Code 2020 Oil paint on canvas 12" x 9"