Lionel & Huey 2020 2D Animation
A character in front of a corner store falling as the lines of the illustration are pulled off by an off-screen character. + Enlarge
Lionel & Huey (Film Still): Intro Scene 2020 2D Animation (film still) 4096 x 1742 px
Film still showing two characters: one distraught, the other looking at a scene of bleak gray muddy colors. + Enlarge
Lionel & Huey (Film Still): Breakdown Scene 2020 2D Animation (film still) 4096 x 1742 px
Two characters sitting on a bench in front green leaves surprised by a character standing in between them. + Enlarge
Lionel & Huey (Film Still): Park Scene 2020 2D Animation (film still) 4096 x 1742 px
Film still depicting two characters: one tangled in powerlines looking angrily at the other character who is smiling back. + Enlarge
Lionel & Huey (Film Still): Powerline Scene 2020 2D Animation (film still) 4096 x 1742 px
The main character looking up with a mean expression on his face. + Enlarge
Lionel & Huey (Film Still): Huey 2020 2D Animation (film still) 4096 x 1742 px

Lionel & Huey is a 2D animated film about Huey, a figure of shape and color, who chases after his own linework, Lionel, in an attempt to feel whole again. Lionel can rip the lines off of anything and everything. In doing so he inadvertently turns Huey’s world into a muddied and colorful mess. As someone who deals with anxiety and dissociation, it feels like you suddenly walk away from yourself and it is often a struggle to realign. Additionally, it feels like you can get lost in your own world. I tried to demonstrate this using 2D characters and the many layers it takes to illustrate them, as their line, color, and even shading are different parts of their whole. It is very easy for a seemingly solid and put-together character to become very messy and painterly once separated from one of those layers. My goal is to display dissociation and anxiety, in a way that is distinct from the very dark subject it can be. This film gives me a chance to connect to viewers who deal with dissociation and show them that they are not alone.