A Rainy Day at The Crown Seoul
A Rainy Day at The Crown Seoul
Two sketchbook spreads showing exterior spaces in Baltimore. The background is blue and cityscapes are drawn with color pencil on the blue background.
Baltimore Blue 2019 Mixed media in sketchbook 6" x 12" per page
Two pages from a sketchbook showing spreads of indoor spaces of The Crown, Baltimore. The background is red.
Baltimore Red 2019 Mixed media in sketchbook 6" x 12" per page
3 color screenprint using pink, orange and teal of a flower vase, out of which grows a singing plant with leaves dripping with liquid.
Like Honey 2020 3-color screenprint 9" x 12"
4 color screenprint in teal, yellow, red and maroon, depicting a statue of a lotus-headed female figure flanked by walkways and bodies of water. In the background is a cityscape. A beam of light projects outwards and upwards from her head.
Shehr 2020 4 Color screenprint 18" x 20"
Green sketchbook spread showing a nude woman adrift and asleep with a city visible around her
Outside/Inside 2019 Mixed media in sketchbook 6" x 12"
Black and white image of a lady wearing a sari and a sweater, sitting outside a door and reading a newspaper.
Aunty 2019 Linocut 13" x 13"
Garden Variety (Selected Images) 2019 Digital 8" x 8"
Spread from comic about queer neighborhoods in Baltimore, drawn digitally
Beyond The Gayborhood (Excerpt) 2019 Digital
two spreads from a comic drawn in yellow, maroon and blue
Excerpt from 'Breaking' 2020 Digital
3 color screenprint using red, yellow and black, showing a large winding tiger coiled on the page, with a city in its belly. Within its mouth is the word "Hi"
Catcity 2020 3 Color screenprint 9"x12"
Outside The Mural
Outside The Mural

Priyanka K is an illustrator and muralist from Kolkata, India. Her work uses graphic narratives, printmaking, and sketchbook imagery to explore themes of solitude, power, urbanism, decolonization, and existing in a queer brown body in spaces not built for it. 

Her graphic narratives have been published in multiple comics anthologies, including 'Drawing The Line' (Zubaan Books), 'First-Hand: Graphic Non-Fiction from India', and the upcoming 'Bystander: Stories, Witnessings and Observations from South Asia' (Kadak Collective). Her murals can be found across India, Cambodia, and in the US in Philadelphia, New Orleans and Baltimore. She is currently working on a children's book about the history of colonization and segregation in Indian cities.