Samuel D'Andrea Hollander

Exploding the Cube by Sam Hollander
Exploding the Cube 2020

Thesis Statement

Exploding the Cube is an experiential architecture system that invites responses from the user to inform a dwelling or a building.


Exploding the Cube is a ready-made kit inspired by the Rubrik’s Cube, a globally known toy that provides the experience of focus and play at the same time. My interpretation has resulted in a Toy-Sized Kit and a Body-Sized Kit that support both non-architects and architects to explore how their body may experiences a sense of belonging in space. The playfulness of these kits provides for shared equity in the design of private dwellings or public buildings. Since experiential play is free from the anxiety of outcome, the joy of discovery becomes as important as the resulting architecture. This joy of playful spatial discovery is further supported by Eames Power of 10 Scale, Sol LeWitt Cubes and Sears Roebuck Housing Kits.