Book cover and banner illustration for 48 page comic, Another Street. Two girls sit at either end of a broken overpass. + Enlarge
Another Street 2020 Ink, acrylic, digital
Dom goes to work at an animal shelter. + Enlarge
Pages 11-12 2020 Ink, digital
Dom and Michelle dance. + Enlarge
Pages 15-16 2020 Ink, digital
Showing Michelle's previous girlfriend, who she catches in bed with another woman. + Enlarge
Pages 25-26 2020 Ink, digital
Poster of Dom and Michelle with forms intertwined + Enlarge
Present 2020 Ink, acrylic, digital
Dom chases after a motorcycle. + Enlarge
Pages 21-22 2020 Ink, digital
Dom arrives at a motorcycle crash. + Enlarge
Pages 29-30 2020 Ink, digital

Another Street is a 48 page book. Dominique’s no-strings relationship with her lover, Michelle, is a source of energy in her peaceful life. However, a hidden story sleeps between them. Dreams, memories, past, and present intermingle as Dominique considers a job opportunity that will lead her out of the city she grew up in, and away from Michelle. Another Street explores different paths in life, and the places they go.