Fish Tank (video) 2020
a bunch of shapes
Fish Tank
shapes of various forms spread out
Fish Tank 2019 3D motion graphics
geometric shapes/objects in a room
Fish Tank 2020
Biophilia video 2020
Biophilia 2020 3D Motion graphics
shapes going in a circle
Biophilia 2020
sponges under arches
Biophilia 2020
material floating around center object
Biophilia 2020
Factory video 2020
round objects going through tubes
Factory 2020
pendulum of spheres
Factory 2020 Digital
Factory 2020 3D Motion graphics

Sean Dong is a multidisciplinary designer. His work Biophilia creates a therapeutic journey of the sense of satisfaction. It explores people’s instinctive expectation of how the objects should behave in terms of the physical world. It optimizes the sensory experience with looping 3D animations and ASMR sounds. Biophilia collects the designer's fondest memories of how he received the world around him.