Woodland Tile + Enlarge
Woodland Tile 2020 Digital
From The Legends + Enlarge
From The Legends 2019 Digital
Untitled + Enlarge
Untitled 2020 Digital
Invocation + Enlarge
Invocation 2020 Digital
Invitation + Enlarge
Invitation 2020 Digital
Vessel 1 + Enlarge
Vessel 1 2019 Risograph 8" x 8"
Vessel 2 + Enlarge
Vessel 2 2019 Risograph 8" x 8"
Vessel 3 + Enlarge
Vessel 3 2019 Risograph 8" x 8"
Summer Dance + Enlarge
Summer Dance 2020 Digital

Taylor is an illustrator, cartoonist, & maker based in Baltimore, MD. Her work reflects a deep respect, nostalgia, and everlasting hunger to rediscover magic in the modern era. She likes black cats, tarot cards, and has an affinity for all things stylish and supernatural. She is interested in small press publishing, book illustration, and editorial!

"Birthrite", my thesis, is a creation myth of sorts about 2 gods, a hound and a raptor, and their human daughter. It's about love, real and imagined, pain, and how belief in something affects its' permanence in our hearts.