painting of homes on waterfront + Enlarge
Gambia Waterfront 2019 Oil Paint 2' x 4'
an oil painting of swirling colors + Enlarge
Reflection 2020 Oil Paint 3' x 4'
a painting of a persons face / portrait and it is broken into pieces (the painting) + Enlarge
Ronald 2019 Oil Paint 8" x 12"
an oil painting of a sunset + Enlarge
Sunset 2020 Oil Paint 4' x 4'
a painting of people gathered in a village near water + Enlarge
The Huemane Race 2019 Oil Paint 16" x 20"

Within our existence, there is constant movement. Wavelengths unseen by the human eye, water ebbing along the ocean shoreline, breath, more visible with the change of temperature in the surrounding environment, and the physical movement observed with the naked eye. Flow is physically exemplified with the movement of objects through space or streamed through one’s mind via sight. Sometimes we become absorbed in the movement of things in space whereby emotions are heightened to create a positive effect of ultimate satisfaction. There is the constant flow of movement surrounding us daily as we journey life’s pathway. What we react to may pull us closer, inward to examine the object or illusion that affects us. Equally, one’s reaction may propel an observer to another level, expanding one’s mind and values. These works are created to engage the viewer in an internal, emotional transition that sparks reflection.