Family of six (mother, father, two children, one toddler on grandma's shoulders) standing in a rollercoaster car shaped like a crab. The father holds a camera and the rest of the family is looking and pointing in different directions. The rollercoaster is + Enlarge
Hello from Baltimore 2020 Risograph print 7in x 5in
Red, teal, and black risoprint. Excerpt from comic. Page 1: Two kids running around a garden stealing flowers and flower petals. Page 2: They are caught by an old woman in the garden who calls them out and they flee to their friend who is waiting for them + Enlarge
From the Garden 2020 Riso print 8.5 in x 5.5 in
Thesis Spread pgs 9+10 + Enlarge
Thesis Spread pgs 9+10 2020 Digital
Black and white spread from thesis comic. Textless, but with speech bubbles. Pg 1: Main character's older sibling returns to the table with food, one of the other characters takes the last bun before they can get to it. They talk and we see people easily + Enlarge
Thesis Spread pgs 11+12 2020 Digital
Looking down a boulevard, on the left side of foreground and in front of some fliers is a woman showing off a front-tie style shirt that is red with flowers on it. Further down the sidewalk is a person in a pantsuit. A car with a girl sitting on the passe + Enlarge
Rockin' Groupies of the 70's 2019 Digital 17in x 5in
Early images depicting the world my thesis takes place in. Inspired by ancient China. On the left, a restaurant interior, top image shows it during the day, and the bottom shows it at night. On the right, the stove/cooking area, the restaurant owner, the + Enlarge
Thesis - Environments 2019 Digital
Line up of four character designs in color on the bottom. On the top, each of the characters has an uncolored acting turnaround. In the light up from left to right are, nervous older sibling, spunky mischievous younger sibling, an inscrutable friend, and + Enlarge
Thesis - Character Designs 2019 Digital
Comic spread. Page 1: three kids in a living room wondering where the neighborhood stray cat has gone. Page 2: One of them remembers Old Man Gorald feeds strays and the three run off and knock on GORALD'S MEAT SHACK's door. + Enlarge
MiSiNG ToM 2017 Ink, digital 7 in x 10 in
Poster of a child manically eating dim sum. Behind him are stacks upon stacks of bamboo steamers piled high into the sky. Food is flying and behind the child a woman in an apron with a cart looks concerned. The child has 3 pairs of arms, on the left, on h + Enlarge
Gluttony 2019 DIgital 11 in x 17 in
Against a starry, black sky, Voyager 1 held up by a mountain of hands adorned with watches and gloves, representing all the people that helped build it. Black and white image. Text reads: "Do you remember me? / Do you remember the thousands of hands + Enlarge
Voyager 2019 Digital 8.5 in x 5.75 in

Wey Song is an illustrator and cartoonist from Michigan. Their works often revolve around children and contain themes of self discovery and escapism. They are a big fan of adventure stories and enjoy listening to podcasts and appreciating birds in their freetime.