“The pillars of Heaven were broken and the corners of the earth gave away by a war between gods. Hereupon Nu Kua melted stones of the five colours to repair the heavens, and cut off the feet of the tortoise to set upright the four extremeities of the eart + Enlarge
Nu Kua Shih, the Repairer of the Heavens 2019 Digital illustration
The One-eyed Peacock from Chapter XIII A Battle of the Gods + Enlarge
The One-eyed Peacock 2020 Digital illustration
A story of His Yu Chi From Chapter XIV: How The Monkey Became a God + Enlarge
Grand Master of the Heavenly Stables 2019 Digital illustration
A Story of No-Cha From Chapter XII: The Guardian of The Gate of Heaven + Enlarge
The Slaying of the Dragon-King’s Son 2019 Digital illustration
Alt Text  These were Hsi Wang Mu’s birthdays, when all the Immortals assembled for the great feast, “the occasion being more festive than solemn, for there was music on invisible instruments, and songs not from mortal tongues. + Enlarge
The Feast of Peaches 2020 Digital illustration
The Fire-quenching Fan from Chapter XIV: How the Monkey Became a God + Enlarge
The Fire-quenching Fan 2020 Digital illustration
“The witch would select a pretty girl of low birth, and say that she should be the Queen of the River-god. The girl was bathed, and clothed in a beautiful dress of gay and costly silk. She was then taken to the bank of the river, to a monastery which was + Enlarge
The Marriage of the River-god 2019 Digital illustration
The Fashioner of the Universe from Chapter III: Cosmogony-p’an Ku and the Creation Myth + Enlarge
The Fashioner of the Universe 2020 Digital illustration
 The Guardian Angel of Buddhism From Chapter X The Goddess of Mercy + Enlarge
The Guardian Angel of Buddhism 2020 Digital illustration
Inside book illustration by Yifei Deng + Enlarge
Lan Ts’ai-ho from Chapter XI The Eight Immortals 2020 Digital illustration

Yifei Deng was born in Tianjin, China. Even as a child, with an innate curiosity, she has studied painting, visited quite a few art exhibitions and enjoyed many documentaries and books on art history and museums. Her journey to pursue an artistic career began at that time. 

Yifei majored in Illustration with a minor in Art History at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), absorbing the strong artistic atmosphere of the campus. She took many professional courses and became proficient in art history, art theory, and humanistic studies. Her illustrations are influenced by Chinese art, history, mythologies, and fairytales.​​

Yifei is interested in creating illustrations spaning from book illustrations, editorials, children’s picture books, and book cover design. Her illustrations embrace historical and cultural topics in a narrative way.