Universe with Sound (installation) at Maryland Institute College of Art (Idea of Grad Show) 2020 Salt, stainless wires, bucket, big and small stones, amplifier 502 x 475.5 x 431cm (length x width x height)
A Sound Instrument (Idea of Grad Show) 2020 Stone, Cymbal, feather, amplifier, speakers, pink light, wires 138 x 27cm (length x width)
Sound Scape-Typhoon with Haziness (Idea of Grad Show) Digital image
Idea of Grad Show 2020
Untitled 2019 Hemp strings, stones, amplifier, speakers 522 x 510 x 771cm (length x width x height)

In the year 2000, I lost my hearing due to a condition known as congenital sensorineural hearing loss. I went from being able to hear to being completely deaf. In 2012, I received a cochlear implant that led to a complete change in my audio, visual, and temporal perceptions. I transitioned from a two-dimensional, monochromatic, soundless world to a blended, two and three-dimensional world with vibrant colors and sounds. Regaining my hearing through the use of the implant has had a profound influence on my work. 

This has involved me going beyond the traditional instruction I received at Tokyo University of the Arts while completing my PhD in Japanese painting. Traditional painting had imposed restrictions on my choice of media and materials, and inhibited my new perspective. I felt a strong desire to break down the barrier of two-dimensional visual space and challenge the traditional notions of beauty by using elements such as sound in my work. 

 In altering the boundaries of aural space, I hope to share the beauty of sounds we ignore in our daily lives, and the sounds we have yet to discover. 

I use painting and sculpture in my installation to prompt the viewer to question their own perspectives and help them become more accepting of differences in others.

I am exploring ways for people to connect with others through my painting, sculpture, architecture, sound, and performance. I create musical instruments out of everyday objects as well. Many of my installations are interactive projects that involve the audience. My hope going forward is to collaborate with deaf people and dancers, and invite hearing people to my sound sculpture and painting installations.