Solly, an introverted man, makes up his mind to confess a secret crush to his friends Zack and Bess at a dinner party, only to discover that the two of them are already together. + Enlarge
Who Knows (animated poster) 2020 animated GIF poster
Who Knows (trailer) 2020

I wrote the story for Who Knows in the summer of 2019 when I was doing an internship in New York City. I was struck by the city’s Pride parade, which gave me the idea to write a story about the LGBTQ community. I was born and raised in an old town in China with traditional and conservative culture, and my subsequent travels have instilled in me an acute awareness of the possibilities of people in different parts of the world, living in various ways but also constrained by tradition, religion, and history. I wanted to tell a story about a person who wants a change in his life but remains afraid of getting out of his comfort zone.