Droma, thirteen, strives to improve her studies in a remote Chinese village, knowing that if she doesn’t she’ll be forced into a traditional role as housewife and mother. + Enlarge
Her Summer (poster) 2019 digital
Her Summer (trailer) 2020

Director's Statement

This film is an ongoing document of a young student, Droma, and my relationship with her. Filming Droma’s life in Raowu, China, was the first time I saw people who were stuck in poverty and witnessed the effects of a lack of resources. Droma and I built a relationship over the process of filming, and we promised that we would see each other again someday. Two years later, I fulfilled my promise and went back. The film is not a passive document of her life; I cannot say I did not affect her life. I was there. I influenced her. But I have also tried to show a person as a person, to capture her on her continuing journey. And in this way, the film does not end.