Community Arts (MFA)

Community Arts Covening and Research

The Community Arts Convening and Research Project is guided by the vision that community-grounded arts and culture enhance the well-being, development, empowerment, and voice of under-resourced communities.

It is funded by the Nathan Cummings Foundation (NCF) and sponsored by MICA. The third Community Arts Convening was held at MICA, March 13-15, 2011.

The Project provides a platform for college and university faculty and students; community-based practitioners; and community scholars, leaders, and youth to meet and generate new ideas; share resources and models for best practices in the field; reflect new curricula and pedagogy; define and solve problems; develop action plans; identify and conduct new research; develop leadership in the field, and cultivate new partnerships.

Community Arts Convening - Historical Content

The following information provides documentation of the research and outcomes of MICA's Community Arts Convening.