Residential Studios

Rules and Regulations

Acquiring a Studio

The Office of Residence Life & Off-Campus Housing will supply contact information for each residence hall concerning the Studio Managers’ office hours and how to acquire studio spaces at the beginning of both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Duration of Studio

When you receive your key, you have 1 week to utilize that studio space (Duration is based on demand.) If your key is not returned within the time frame assigned by the Studio Manager, your belongings will be removed from the studio and you will be charged $125.00 for a key replacement. You will not be eligible to sign out a studio space again for the duration of the semester. Please be respectful of the high demand for studio space on campus. It is up to the discretion of the Studio Manager to assign a studio for 2 weeks (based off of need and availability). The maximum amount a studio can be held by a resident is 2 weeks.

Use the Studio Assigned

The studio you are assigned is the studio you should be using. No exceptions! If someone else uses your studio and makes a mess you are responsible for cleaning up. Please do not let anyone use your studio, and don't use anyone else's studio. Any confusion with studio placement should be immediately addressed with the Studio Manager. Students should not by sharing a studio access with anyone.

Access Your Studio Space

As soon as you sign out a studio, go down to that studio and check it out. Report any problems, messes or damages of anything out of the ordinary to the Studio Manager immediately.

Cleanliness of Studio Space

You are required to keep your individual space as well as the general area reasonably clean. Although everyone has different working habits, there are limits past which the condition of a space interferes with the ability of other people to work. Discarding trash that may accumulate in the general studio areas will help keep our studios clean and functional. All aisle and exit routes must be cleared at all times.

Health & Safety

Never to use toxic materials which could be a danger or irritation to you or others. Never smoke, drink, eat or sleep in your studio space. Additional guidelines can be found in the Undergraduate Studio Space Agreement. If these rules are broken you will be asked to leave the studios permanently and could face additional disciplinary consequences from the Office of Residence Life.

Security of Personal Belongings

The security of personal belongings is your responsibility. If you choose to leave supplies/materials in the studio spaces, please understand that MICA and the Office of Residence Life is not responsible for the safety/security of those materials/items. Please keep the doors locked at all times, do not provide access to unauthorized guests, and report any inappropriate behavior or theft.

Respectfulness in Studios

Be courteous to your fellow studio users. You are not permitted to play loud music in the studios. It could interfere with the concentration of others working. Please use headphones. Individuals who have not signed out the studio must not enter the studio space. Please keep studio visitors to a minimum so as not to disturb others working in the space. Nude paintings can be done within the studio only if the artist contacts the Studio Manager prior to the date and time of the painting to discuss the guidelines required for a nude studio session.

Check Out Condition

When you vacate your studio, the studio should be in the same or better condition then when you received access. You are responsible for that space while you have it signed out. If it needs to be cleaned up (examples: art supplies have to be removed) you will be charged for clean up.

Key Return

If you are issued a key for your studio space it is your responsibility (and no one else's) to return your key on time. Failure to do so will result in a $125.00 key replacement charge posted to your MICA student account. Removal of all materials/items in the studio and your studio sign out privilege will be revoked.

Studio Privilege

Studio sign out is a privilege, failure to comply (breaking any of the rules & procedures) will lead to your privilege being revoked. Use of the MICA Residence Life studio spaces are a privilege for the residential community. These spaces are exclusively for professional activities. Certain responsibilities must be adhered to when using studios. You must be aware of and adhere to Federal and State regulations for health and safety, and fire prevention, as well as to the studio sign out policies. This document has detailed the studio sign out policy, general guidelines for use, housekeeping, safety, and fire prevention guidelines. Every week studios will be inspected for compliance. If you are found to be neglecting the regulations, you may be fined and/or lose your studio privilege permanently.