MICA Parents

About the Parents Council

When your student goes off to college, you can still get involved. At MICA, we welcome support from our community of parents.

MICA's Parents Council is comprised of approximately 40 parents of MICA students and parents of young alumni. Council members represent the MICA parent community and set a leadership example through philanthropic support and advocacy of MICA's mission. 

Our Mission

To ensure that students have the best MICA experience, the Council:

  • Acts as ambassadors of the parent community to collectively voice and explore issues impacting students and families, 
  • Provides a conduit between MICA families, their students, and the administration to stay connected and share important information about the MICA experience.
  • Engages in various projects in support of the MICA community to enhance and achieve the goal of MICA students having the best college experience possible. 
  • Supports MICA’s mission, vision, and values to shape the next generation of creative thinkers

Our Vision

  • Facilitate communication between MICA families and the College community
  • Support programs and initiatives that meet the continuing needs of the MICA community
  • Serve as advocates to promote the value of MICA
  • Identify and share potential internships and career opportunities for MICA students
  • Creating a welcoming environment for a diverse community of parents
  • Listen and extend a helping hand to parents and family members seeking information
  • Be the voice of parent-giving campaigns 
The Council meets in person annually in conjunction with MICA Weekend, and also participates on special projects throughout the school year.
We invite all MICA parents to learn more about how to make an impact by supporting MICA's goal to "redefine the role of our emerging artists and designers who will drive social, cultural, and economic advancement for our future."
Interested in joining the MICA Parents Council? Contact Mansoor Ali at mali01@mica.edu or 410-225-2321.