Institutional Policies

Graffiti & Vandalism

MICA is a community of artists and designers. As a community of artists, we advocate for a broad range of opportunities for expression of our students’ creative vision through exhibitions, performances, and programs that provide opportunities for community-based art such as murals and public performances. We also encourage our students to seek out opportunities to make their work available to the public beyond our campus.


Although some forms of “graffiti art” have gained recognition as a viable form of artistic expression, the College considers defacement of public or private property to be vandalism, not artwork. MICA provides students with the resources and support to seek appropriate permission to create works of art in the public realm. As a community of artists and an institution dedicated to the preservation of the aesthetic environment, the College is strongly opposed to graffiti and other forms of vandalism.

Students who commit vandalism on or off campus are subject to disciplinary action by the College, which can include any or all of the following: restitution (monetary or other appropriate compensation for damages), disciplinary probation, community service, suspension from the College, or dismissal from the College. In addition to discipline by the College, students are subject to civil legal action by property owners and criminal prosecution for their actions.

We expect all members of our community to display good judgment and considerate behavior, as well as high standards of personal conduct. Students who violate College policies, procedures, and regulations are subject to disciplinary action. College disciplinary action is not a substitute for civil or criminal proceedings; all students, whether on campus or off campus, are subject to local, state, and federal laws. Students who commit acts of vandalism on or off campus are subject to legal action. When their actions adversely affect the College as an educational community, these activities are also subject to College disciplinary action.