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Recruitment Policy & Procedures (Regular Staff)

Recruitment Policy & Procedures (Regular Staff)

Staff Hiring Workflow Summary

Introduction and Purpose

The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) seeks to attract the best-qualified candidates who support the mission of the College and who respect and promote excellence through diversity. 

The purpose of this policy is to provide a sound framework for the recruitment and selection of staff employees based upon the principles outlined below, which also meet the requirements of the College’s Equal Opportunity statement and all other relevant federal, state, and local employment legislation. MICA is an equal opportunity employer and provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities on a case-by-case basis.

This policy version supersedes any previous version.

Scope and Applicability

a. Inclusions

This policy covers all activities that form part of the recruitment and selection process and is applicable to all recruitment activities for:

 Regular full-time staff (works an average of 30 hours per week or more)

 Part-time staff (works 30 hours per week or less)

 Casual staff (part-time staff and works as needed)

b. Exclusions

This policy is not intended to apply to:

 Faculty appointments

 Renewal of fixed term contracts

 Student workers (work-study and non-work study)

 Fellows

 Temporary staff (hired for a limited time period, six months or less, with a specific expiration date, and is used to fill a specific short term need such as a special project, temporary increase in workload, filling in while an employee is on a leave or while a search is underway)

Recruitment & Selection Procedure

a. The recruitment and selection process should not commence until a full evaluation has been completed by the department in partnership with Human Resources of the need for the role against the department’s strategic plans and budget, current staffing structure and skill levels, current and future qualification and specialization requirements and foreseeable changes that may impact the department.

 If determined that the vacancy does need to be filled, the hiring manager is required to review/or draft the job description, including a suggested job title, specific job duties, skills, education, and experience required and preferred.

b.  An employment requisition request and associated approvals are required to recruit and hire regular and casual staff. This procedure does not replace the electronic process for the termination of a separating employee.

 The employment requisition is initiated by the hiring department and submitted electronically in the online employment system when there is a need to fill a vacant position, due to separation of a staff employee or for the creation of a new position (Reference Guide)

 The completed requisition is routed electronically for administrative approvals via the online application system to the responsible managers, and then will be forwarded to the Office of Finance who will verify availability of funds and provide budget approval. The requisition is then forwarded to Human Resources for final approval or returned to the hiring manager if corrections or additional documentation is required.

b. The compensation range for vacant positions will be determined by Human Resources based on internal and external data.

c. Human Resources will post vacancies on the College’s web site and/or on various external job boards for a minimum of five working days. This will help to ensure that the applicant pool is diverse and qualified, to maximize equality of opportunity and to provide current staff with opportunities for career development, thus maintaining the skills and expertise of existing staff. 

 In certain circumstances it may be more effective to use a recruitment agency. This will, however, not eliminate the need to advertise the position internally and any external agencies or consultants who assist in the process must act in accordance with this policy and with respect to the College’s equal opportunity requirements.

 Applicants should be provided with sufficient information to make an informed decision regarding their suitability for the role. 

 Staff who have been in an interim position that subsequently becomes vacant will have to apply for the position when it is advertised.

 Applicants are asked to provide equal opportunity details when making their application to enable a robust means of monitoring the success of recruitment in relation to our diversity goals. This request is voluntary and the information is separate from the job application, available only to Human Resources and applicants are free to indicate that they do not want to provide these details.

 All advertisements must be placed through the HR department, except where alternative arrangements have been formally agreed in advance with the HR department.

 All advertising must be cost-effective and agreed in advance with the HR department.                                (Advertising Guidelines)

d. All applicants, internal and external, must apply through the College's online employment system.  A resume, cover letter, references, and other pertinent documentation may also be required.

e. To be eligible to apply for a posted position, staff members must meet the minimum requirements for the position, be in good standing in terms of their overall work record, and have been in their current position for a minimum of twelve months. Staff members are required to notify their supervisors prior to submitting an application for a posted position. Once the staff member is considered a finalist for the position, his/her supervisor will be contacted by Human Resources prior to completion of the hiring process for a reference. 

f. Once interviews have been conducted, finalist selected, and employment references have been acquired, the hiring manager must complete the electronic approval process for the selected candidate.

g. Once electronic approvals have been secured (manager, manager’s manager, budget and HR), a verbal job offer will be extended by Human Resources. The salary to be offered will be agreed upon by the hiring manager and Human Resources prior to the offer being made, reviewed for both internal and external equity and consistent with the College's compensation policy. 

h. After a job offer is verbally delivered, Human Resources will initiate a conditional offer of employment including salary information, the tentative (or confirmed) start date, moving reimbursement information (if applicable) and sent electronically to the selected candidate. Applicants interviewed, but not selected will be notified via email of the hiring decision. (See Moving Reimbursement Policy)

i. As per MICA’s Pre-employment Background Check Policy, and as a condition of employment, background check investigations are required on all applicants offered a regular full-time or part-time position or temporary position. Human Resources will initiate investigation on the selected candidate to verify the accuracy of the information provided by the applicant during the selection process.

j. If the candidate accepts the job offer and upon successful completion of the background check investigation, Human Resources will hire the selected candidate who is required to complete all Onboarding tasks that will be electronically routed to them. Additionally, Human Resources will schedule a time for the new employee complete additional Onboarding tasks on the employee’s first day of employment and forward this information to the hiring manager. (See Pre-employment Background Check Policy)

k. If the candidate does not accept the job offer or if no candidate meets the hiring expectations of the search committee or the hiring manager, the position must be reposted and/or re-advertised.

Revised: 9/24/19