Keep On Teaching

Changing Course Content

You’ve designed your course with the intention that by the end of the course, your students will have progressed toward or possess particular bodies of knowledge, skills, and/or dispositions--your course learning outcomes (CLOs). With those outcomes in mind, you identified ways of assessing or knowing that students have achieved your CLOs. With that evidence of achievement in mind, you designed the course content and activities that provide the educational opportunities for students to progress toward your CLOs and produce the evidence of learning. 

Naturally, you engaged in this backward-design with a normal semester and teaching setting in mind. If that has changed and you need to Keep on Teaching in a non-standard situation, return to the start--the CLOs--and consider if there are alternative ways that students can demonstrate their attainment of those outcomes. Even if the demonstration of learning is the same, perhaps there are different ways of delivering content and/or different learning activities that can lead students to achievement of your CLOs.

The bottom line: at the core of your course are the CLOs and you do not want to change those. How you help students progress toward and demonstrate those CLOs, however, are things that can be changed if circumstances require.

As you revise your syllabus, consult this document for some basic elements that you should incorporate that are specific to distance teaching/learning.

Need help with thinking about possible adjustments to your course content? For faculty in Undergraduate Studies, contact your Associate Dean. For faculty in Graduate Studies, contact Stacey Salazar, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies.