Keep On Teaching

Critique in the Online Environment

Like many of the other elements of Keeping on Teaching, conducting critiques online can take asynchronous and/or synchronous formats. See Critiquing in the Online Environment for tips to get started.

There are many ways students can submit/share their work for critique. Among them are:

  • Via upload to your course in Canvas in a discussion board or via a link generated from Canvas’s ePortfolio function. You can find a “page” in the Canvas Commons called “ePortfolio Video and Guides” that includes instructions and can be imported into your course. 

  • FYE uses Google Slides to collect student work for assessment and this could be a way of collecting and sharing work with your class for critique. See instructions for both faculty and students here.

  • Padlet is another option that has been recommended by other art & design faculty as a user-friendly virtual pinboard. A free account comes with the ability to add three padlets with unlimited posts. Please note that free accounts limit users to file uploads of 10mb in size or smaller. 

It is important that you provide clear instructions and discussion prompts for students to follow in asynchronous critiques, the Form for Describing and Analyzing Projects in Critique from Making & Being is one example. You may also want to share MICA’s Netiquette Policy with your students.

We recommend that if you use Zoom to gather your students for synchronous group critiques you display work by sharing your screen and not by allowing students access to share their screens. This will help you manage time and the conversation and also will prevent being “Zoom bombed.”

Need help with incorporating technology into your teaching? Contact or schedule an appointment with Jamie Gillis.