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Let’s Get Creative! Examples and Case Studies

As you develop creative ways of engaging your students in meaningful work through distance teaching/learning, please share your approaches with Terra Schehr, Associate Vice President for Educational Planning & Development, so they can be added to this resource.

You can also share your readings, assignments, and other content you have in Canvas with your colleagues by putting them in the Canvas Commons. Remember, you can also search the commons for material to incorporate in your courses. This short video shows how to share your material to the Commons and how to bring material from the Commons into your course.

In the meantime, consult Making & Being (and not just because Stacey Salazar has a chapter in the book). Their website has detailed activities and worksheets that you can download and use in your courses. A few that I commend to get you started are the Form for Describing and Analyzing Projects in Critique, Choose One Material and Research Its Journey from the Site Where It Was Extracted to the Place Where You Obtained It Assignment, and the various Past Project worksheets.

And join the Facebook groups:

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Online Art Studio Instruction in the Age of "Social Distancing"

Pandemic Pedagogy for Visual Arts Professors

Printmaking Distance Learning

Teaching Film, Media, Screenwriting & Production Online for COVID-19


Global Letterforms Exhibition from Zvezdana Stojmirovic

Selected Posts for Art History and Humanistic Studies from Online Art Studio Instruction in the Age of "Social Distancing" - curated by Mina Cheon

Two drawing exercises to help students express what they are experiencing: (1) Give students two 4-minute drawing prompts: draw the feeling of uncertainty that you're experiencing, draw a positive resolution of that uncertainty. From Beverly Naidus at UW Tacoma. (2) Give students a prompt to draw a quick sketch where they are working. From: Anne Patterson at Univ. of Kansas

Information from CAA

Self-Isolation Pandemic Artist’s Residency Program started at the California State University, Northridge

Art History: Get ideas and incorporate materials from the Open Education Resource Art 101 course.

Ceramics: Incorporate content from the Annual Conference of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts and Artaxis into your courses. Here are two specific assignments from Tales of a Clay Rambler.

Drawing: Use the free online character posing tool JustSketchMe