Emergency Procedures

Civil Demonstrations or Disturbances

Sharing ideas is at the core of our values. MICA has specific guidelines that protect the rights of all its community members. Any free-expression activity on campus properties, such as demonstrations, marches, meetings, flash mobs, picketing and rallies, must comply with regulations of the College and federal, state, or local law. The rights of others to participate in learning, teaching, and other campus events and activities must not be infringed upon. Failure to abide by these regulations may result in action by Campus Safety and/or local authority, and possibly the Dean of Student Affairs.

In the event of a civil demonstration:

  • DO NOT obstruct or provoke demonstrators.
  • Immediately alert Campus Safety.

If a demonstration becomes violent and disruptive, alert 911, and then Campus Safety:

  • Shelter in place: lock doors and close blinds. STAY sheltered until given the all-clear by MICA Campus Safety or local law enforcement.
  • DO NOT open doors or leave the building.
  • If demonstrators gain entry, avoid provoking or obstructing them. Lock yourself in a room or office until police can assist you in leaving the building.