Emergency Procedures

Fire and Smoke Conditions

If a fire cannot be easily extinguished:

  • Evacuate the building; if possible activate the fire alarm  (pull station).
  • DO NOT use elevators.
  • Go to the designated Safe Meeting Location.
  • Call 911 and Campus Safety (443-423-3333).
  • If able to do so safely, help persons who require assistance  to reach the designated Places of Refuge for Evacuation  Assistance. Once outside, alert emergency responders  about the location of those who still need to be evacuated.
  • DO NOT re-enter building until directed to do so by the  Incident Commander, which is typically Campus Safety  or the Baltimore City Police.

If trapped:

  • If your evacuation path is impassible, find an alternative  exit route or stairwell.
  • Check doors for heat prior to exiting.
  • Crawl under smoke if necessary; cover mouth, preferably  with a wet cloth.

Department Volunteers

  • Assist with evacuation.
  • Help others if necessary and as able.
  • Make sure doors and windows are closed.
  • Bring list of building personnel if available.
  • Report to Safe Meeting Location.
  • Take a head count. Report missing persons to Campus  Safety.

Fire Safety Tips

  • Never enter a smoke-filled room.
  • Feel all doors before entering a room; if hot, DO NOT enter.
  • Stay close to the floor if heavy smoke is present.
  • Never allow the fire to come between you and an exit  path.
  • If your clothing is on fire: Stop, drop and roll to put out.

the flames. Seek immediate medical assistance.