Emergency Procedures

Gas and Water Leaks

In the event of a gas leak:

  • Call 911, then call Campus Safety 24-hour dispatch at 443423.3333 to report a possible gas leak.
  • SAFETY TIP: Never use gas generators indoors. To do so creates the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

In the event of an unconfirmed propane leak:

  • Inform Campus Safety (443-423-3333).

In the event of a confirmed propane leak:

  • Vacate the immediate area.
  • DO NOT turn any electrical switches on or off, activate fire alarm, or use cell phones, radios, pagers, flashlights, or anything capable of producing static electricity, sparks, electric arcs, or open flame.
  • Meet at Safe Meeting Location.
  • Notify Campus Safety.
  • DO NOT re-enter any building until instructed by emergency personnel.

In the event of a water leak:

  • During normal working hours: notify Facilities Management at 410-225-2261. During non-working hours: notify Campus Safety.
  • DO NOT stand in flood waters.
  • Evacuate if there are submerged electrical appliances or outlets.
  • Alert occupants in areas adjacent to (next to and below) the leak.