In the event of an unexpected power outage (or a planned outage lasting more than 1 hour), the College may call for the cancellation of classes, evacuation of buildings, and orderly shutdown of administrative and computer network systems. In non-daylight hours, battery-operated emergency lighting should activate, battery operated lighting should stay on for approximately 15 minutes before batteries are depleted.

If an evacuation is ordered:

  • Gather essential items (wallet, toiletries, etc.) before evacuating to another part of campus or taking other action as directed.
  • If able to do so safely, help those who need assistance to reach a designated Safe Meeting Location for Evacuation.
  • Once outside, give Campus Safety the name(s) of those who still need to be evacuated.
  • Shut off switches to as many electrical items as possible and follow evacuation procedures.
  • Use clear, safe escape routes and exits and proceed to the nearest outside Safe Meeting Location.
  • DO NOT return to an evacuated building until directed by emergency personnel.