Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Transitions

Kara S. Rice is an African American acrylic and mixed media artist based in Washington, DC. Before coming to MICA as the Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Transitions, she worked as a Student Support Counselor & ADA Liaison at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Kara has a strong passion for higher education and advocating for students with over five years in student advising and over ten years in administrative assistance. She has a background in psychology with a Bachelors in Psychology from Delaware State University and an MPS in Clinical Psychological Science from the University of Maryland: College Park. 

Within her artistic career, Kara works primarily with acrylic and mixed media materials. She aims to express different thoughts, feelings, and emotions that she has personally encountered; and what she wants others to encounter in life through art. In her spare time, she is usually creating, spending time at the museums, and being a foodie.