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Students in good academic standing who are returning from an official Leave of Absence may file an application for Readmittance through Enrollment Services online.

  • Please note that MPS or MA/MBA students should contact their program director to return from a Leave of Absence instead of filling out the Readmittance form.
  • Students who were academically dismissed must also petition to reenter the college.
  • Students wishing to return after more than three years will be eligible for Readmittance on a space available basis and will be expected to fulfill the degree requirements of the year in which they are readmitted. Additional materials may be requested for this review.

1 / Apply for Readmittance

All students who took a leave of absence, withdrew, or were dismissed from MICA must file for Readmittance with Enrollment Services in order to return. (MPS and MA/MBA students should contact their program directors to return from a Leave of Absence rather than fill out a Readmittance form). Application deadlines for readmittance are December 1 for return in a spring semester, and July 15 for return in a fall semester, and April 15 for return in a summer semester. 

2 / Update Your Records

Update your academic records by sending official transcript(s) from any institution(s) where you studied while on leave from MICA. Credit will be awarded according to MICA's transfer credit policy and may require departmental approvals and additional documentation.

3 / Pay outstanding balance and receive approval of activation

Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of your status as soon as possible. Additional steps may be necessary prior to receive approval. To speed the review process, please clear any potential outstanding charges in your student account and be current on all student loans. You may wish to contact the MICA offices Financial Aid, Residence Life, and/or Student Account Services. Once your application is approved, you will be sent information and instructions via email.

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If you are a student with a Visa, you must contact the International Education department alerting them of your request for readmittance.

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If you attended any other schools since leaving MICA, list below /

Official transcripts from each institution attended since the last enrollment at MICA must be submitted. Grades below a "C" are not eligible for transfer consideration.


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