Office of Exhibitions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions with regards with the support we can provide at the Office of Exhibitions. We're here to help.

Everywhere you look, in every building. MICA has one of the most ambitious exhibition programming in the country. Student work is constantly on exhibit in the college’s named and departmental galleries; faculty works are shown frequently, alongside challenging contemporary installations.

Numerous donated works, both historical and contemporary, dot MICA’s grounds, building courts, and offices. 

Yes, there are two ways:

• All departments are scheduled to exhibit in the campus galleries throughout the year; chances are, your instructor will be working with you and your classmates on at least one installation per semester.


• You can apply – via Student Space Galleries  for an exhibition in one of the many student-run galleries on campus. These spaces are located in many buildings across campus.



The department provides numerous services that support on-campus exhibitions:

• Technical equipment

• Installation tools: levels, drills, nails, and other hardware                                                       

• Delivery of pedestals, vitrines and other gallery furniture

• Gallery lighting

• Provide training and installation consultation.  Make an appointment with the Exhibitions Manager at

The Office of Exhibitions only cuts vinyl for major exhibitions in the Decker, Meyerhoff, Pinkard and Sheila & Richard Riggs/Leidy Galleries. 

We do not provide vinyl for departmental, student, or offsite exhibitions. For all other student needs, we recommend contacting the Art Tech Center.

No, the Office of Exhibitions does not install student or departmental exhibitions.  We provide training and how-to tutorials in person and videos.  Students are required to know how to safely handle, care, operate, and install/deinstall the tech equipment/tools they requested.  Students are being held responsible for the equipment/tools. 

No, the Office of Exhibitions does not move artwork from student residences or studios to the campus galleries. However, arrangements can be made by departments for transportation to galleries or buildings.

If you are an outside artist, curator, or MICA faculty, you must submit an exhibition proposal form. All exhibition proposals are approved to move forward for institutional approval by the Director of the Office of Exhibitions. If accepted, the proposal will be reviewed by MICA’s Exhibition Committee.

The Office of Exhibitions does not provide artworks but will hang works that are brought in by staff or faculty members at their first opportunity.