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Growing with your Gut 2021

In the age of information, how can a person be certain they are eating the right foods according to their bodily needs? The following pages expand on the topic of nutrition and the importance to provide visual research and detailed examples. The human gut (arguably the most important part of the human digestive system), comprises a fascinating network of systems and subsystems within the human body. The network of individual digestive organs work in unison to complete a single task; to transform and break down the food we eat into nutrients and energy that our bodies use to keep us alive. While the cause-and-effect relationships between the food we eat and the nutritional benefits are important, the understanding of this relationship to making long-term quality choices remains elusive to common sense. Why could this be? In this paper, we will explain the inner workings of the human gut, the different parts and functions and links between food and its nutritional benefits, and making conscious choices.