Tuition Exchange

ABCs of Tuition Exchange

Policies on the Tuition Exchange Scholarship Program

The Tuition Exchange (TE) program provides the opportunity for eligible dependent children to receive only undergraduate scholarships at one of the participating member institutions. At present there are more than 600 colleges and universities located in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and the United Kingdom that belong to this program. Eligibility requirements, award amounts, application procedures, and continuation policies in the program vary by institution. The information below applies specifically to the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). The membership program is administered by the Tuition Exchange, Inc., a not-for-profit 501c3 association.

The number of scholarship recipients in a given year is dependent upon the balance of incoming and outgoing students as determined by the Tuition Exchange by-laws. In addition, MICA may limit the number of participants according to the institutional needs. The TE liaison officer at MICA is responsible for maintaining records and communicating the number of available positions to interested parties.

Scholarships for student dependents of employees at MICA

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The tuition exchange program is a scholarship program provided by MICA. Full-time, benefit eligible employees in the first semester beginning after two years of continuous full-time employment are eligible to apply on behalf of their dependent children (i.e., children claimed on the employee's federal income tax return, or children named to receive support for education in either a separation agreement or divorce decree).

Acceptance into the TE program will be for first baccalaureate degrees only.

Eligible students wishing to study at a member institution must meet admissions criteria for that institution, and may have to meet more demanding standards if the host institution has established these to select among TE applicants. Admission to the host institution does not assure selection into the TE program. Policies governing participation are established by the host institution in accordance with Tuition Exchange policies. A TE scholarship is renewable for up to four successive years of education provided the student remains in good academic standing at the host institution. If the employee is deceased after a determination has been made by the host institution that the dependent is eligible and certified to participate in the TE program, the dependent's eligibility will continue. Coverage for dependent students of individuals whose employment with MICA ends after the student is certified, accepted, or enrolled in the program shall continue only for the remainder of the current academic semester.


TE scholarships for dependent students of MICA employees shall be in the amount of full tuition at the receiving institution, except in those cases where the institution's cost of tuition exceeds the limit established by the Tuition Exchange Board of Directors. In these cases, the receiving institution may award TE scholarships for less than full tuition but not less than the established limit. TE scholarships may not cover fees, room and board, and other charges associated with attending college.

TE scholarships may be taxable under IRS codes and the State of Maryland may report scholarships as income on the employee's annual w-2 form.

Application Procedures

Each student applying for a scholarship must be certified before applying to a member institution. The Human Resources Department is responsible for certifying applicants who are eligible according to procedures established by MICA. An application does not guarantee acceptance at the TE membership institution or insure TE scholarship.

Employees wishing to have a dependent student considered for a TE scholarship must apply on the Tuition Exchange website at  Applications for students to begin study in the fall semester must be made by the fall semester of the previous year (usually is November). The host institution may award new scholarships to students beginning their study in a term other than the fall. In this case, prospective participants must work with Human Resources and the TE liaison at MICA to meet all the relevant deadlines at both the host institution and MICA. 

The TE liaison officer determines the number of scholarships available for MICA in a given year. If there are more students of eligible MICA employees than there are scholarship openings in the TE program, selection will be made on the basis of seniority of the employee (number of years of continuous, full time employment at MICA).  In the event that a student's parents both work at the college, only the most senior of the eligible student's parent's time at the college will be considered. (NOTE: Students who are not granted a scholarship may apply again the next year.)

Notification Procedure

Notification of acceptance into the TE program will be by April 1st. Participants are encouraged to respond to the TE award in writing as soon as possible, but no later than May 1st. Students not accepted into the TE program will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified as soon as possible after May 1st if an opening becomes available.

Scholarhips for student dependents of employees at other Tuition Exchange member schools wishing to study at MICA

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Eligibility shall be determined by the TE liaison officer of the sending institution, who will notify the TE liaison at MICA. To be considered for a MICA TE scholarship, MICA must receive eligibility certification by January 15th for students applying for the fall semester. 

All TE scholarship recipients must be admitted to MICA under normal admissions criteria. The Office of Admissions has sole authority to make the admission decisions. MICA reserves the right to deny consideration for the TE program to any student who doesn't complete the application for admission process by the published deadlines.

The scholarship of an entering first-year student is renewable each year for four successive years of education provided the student remains in good academic standing at MICA and retains certification from the sending institution. The scholarship of a student who enters MICA as a transfer student is renewable for a continuous period until the student has been enrolled as a full time student at any institution for the equivalent of four academic years. (i.e., eight semesters or 12 quarters)

Scholarship recipients who lose their certification shall lose their scholarship after the current academic semester (fall or spring) in which certification was lost.

Student dependents that acquire eligibility after beginning their studies at MICA are eligible to apply at any point during their undergraduate studies.


The amount of the TE scholarship is dependent on the rate set by the Tuition Exchange board. Summer term and part time tuition fees are not eligible for scholarship support. TE Scholarships recipients must pay all applicable fees and room and board charges. TE scholars may not receive another merit scholarship from MICA, but may receive outside scholarships and need based aid (e.g. Pell Grants) including MICA grants. In no case shall the total of scholarships and need based grants exceed the full comprehensive cost of attendance at MICA. The amount of the TE scholarship shall be considered in determining the need of the student.