Caitlin Weber '16

Principal Designer (Social Impact & UX), AdHocLLC

As an undergraduate in design at Western Washington University, Caitlin aimed to understand the power of messaging and branding in a political context and apply it to social and environmental issues. Through her work with sustainable building, government transparency and public arts mapping organizations, Caitlin has evolved from a print designer to a web designer working in user experience design, project management and front-end development. Most recently, she has served as creative director for the Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit that uses technology to advocate for government transparency.

Right now, Caitlin is considering scale. Climate change, where global buy-in and sweeping behavioral change are necessary to make a significant impact, is dependent on scalability. How can collaboratively designed solutions to specific and localized problems act as prototypes for a healthy global future and how do those ideas and methods get translated in a way that allows them to transplant into new economies and new cultures.

Thesis: How might we realize a healthy & balanced ecosystem in the Jones Falls Valley?