Laura Brewer '14

Laura Brewer-Yarnall was born in Syracuse, New York in 1991. She recently graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in painting. Her work has a strong sense of color, both abstract and figurative, relating to connections with female and queer peers.

Passionate about a wide range of social issues, Laura continued for a fifth year at MICA to obtain a Masters in Social Design. From women's rights to environmental justice to racial equality, she sees a need for systematic change. She believes strongly in getting to the root of the problem to have the greatest effect, implementing new ways of thinking to replace our current, failed system. This past year, Laura has worked with several Baltimore-based organizations on many different issues.

Her thesis focuses on medication compliance/adherence, and she will be partnering with the Baltimore Veteran's Affairs Hospital. She will work with real patients, staff and doctors in real time to develop an adaptable, low-cost solution. Ultimately, this solution could be applied wide scale.

Laura is inspired daily by her cat, Charlie.